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 TENDER LOVING DAYCARE a safe, nurturing environment where your child will get the attention and care that he or she needs. Our Philosophy is to educate and dicipline the children in our care. The enviornment we provide for the children, is top quality. As a provider & owner  of TenderLoving Daycare I strive to meet, go above and beyond state guidelines - to make certain each child receives top-quality care. 
We are also state licensed as a facility and have met and exceeded all health and safety guidelines. Apart from all the rules and regulations we are a " Family Base Daycare and Preschool" We provide a clean smoke free, environment, with the knowledge of good homemade meals, early child developement incorporated in the daily schedule.
At TENDER LOVING DAYCARE, your child will participate in developmental- age appropriate activities throughout the day, such as:
  • Story Time, Circle time
  • Show and Tell,                         
  • Puzzles and Games
  • Outdoor Play Structure/ Bouncey Jumper on special days, holiday and B-day celebrations
  • Art, Craft and Music/practice good hyigene
  • Potty Encouragement, Respect and manners towards others
  • Pre-Reading  and Age appropiate activities( early child developement)
  • Homemade Meals w/ nutritional guidelines/and County Monitoring
You can rest assured that your child will be cared for with the utmost kindness, love and respect. We believe all children are precious gifts and we need to treat them as though they are our own. As in the past I know how parents feel! gulity and yet need to leave their children.  I want the parents to feel secure that my home is a safe,loving and respectful place for your child(ren)
To make an appt. and tour my facility, Please  contact us today!
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